The Kaffa Kingdom Golden Triple Phallus Imperial Crown part 2

Few months later (after Gaki Schecho’s capture), a big excitement had happened in the Gibe Palace.
The Emperor Crown of the Kaffecho, the green gold embroidered rob of the sovereign, and the sacred golden sword of Gaki Sherecho, which one thought to be in safe place, was stolen. The brave and fearless Kaffechos was able to steal the crown and fled towards Kaffa. It has now become obvious for Menelik that fearless Kaffechos are at work again to revive the sacred Empire of Kaffa. It is clear that the loss of the jewels of the Kaffa could ruin all successes of the victorious campaign of his efficient army commander Ras Woldegiorgis. He knows that the Kaffechos; as soon as their Emperor’s Crown is in Kaffa again, even if Gaki Sherecho remains imprisoned in Addis Ababa, they will be able to restore their old Empire of Kaffa kingdom again.  Thus one who possesses the Crown will be Emperor of Kaffa. In his highest rage, Menelik called his general Ras Woldegiorgis and instructed him to bring the Crown, under any circumstance and as soon as back to Addis Ababa. Ras Woldegiorgis gathered his soldiers and in feverish rush, moved his troops to the boarders of Kaffa again. He even took the nominal advance-route, and simultaneously advanced many troops on all directions through the jungle towards Kaffa. For two weeks, the troops could not find a track of the runaways.

One could ask why were Menelik and his Nobles were in fear? Did they believe in the prophecy told by pure forefathers about the Kingdom of Kaffa? I assume they did fear the restoration of the kingdom and the revival of the people. Today, we Kaffechos, are blind folded and couldn’t uncover our eyes in the day light. These facts were documented by foreign historians. No one forced them or paid them to Write the history and reveal the Secrets of this Hidden Fertile Land – Kaffa. Unfortunately, our own historians be it Kaffechos or other Ethiopians who had written a number of books on Ethiopia and some parts of Ethiopia  never dare to put their pens on the paper to write about these great people and their Kingdom. King Gaki Sherecho had been imprisoned for over 22 years in the Palace of Menelik under his surveillance. No historians had dared to write a single page to reveal how harshly Gaki had been treated. When Gaki Sherecho was captured, a great number of his Mikirichos (council members) and war commanders including priests and subjects were taken to Addis Ababa as war prisoners. What happened to those people? What did Menelik did to them? Had the act of genocide performed on them or sold them as slaves within and outside Ethiopia? One of the two could have been the case based on my assumption until historians dig and come out with the truth.

What happened to the Kaffechos who were taken to Addis Ababa with Gaki Sherecho????? Has anyone including the Kaffechos themselves talked about their forefathers who boldly fought for the freedom of the people and their Kingdom and shaded their blood? Some people say we have to forget about the past and concentrate on the current issues. As the saying goes “ያልተነካ ግልግል ያውቃል እንደሚባለው ነው”. Yes, but put yourself in the shoes of those who had been victims. You heal the hearts of the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the forefathers not by ignoring the huge sacrifices paid. The lives of these innocent people is precious to us. The inhuman treatment done on our forefathers make us sick. It is not a sin to reveal the truth and stand by their side though they had already gone. They fought hard and all Ethiopians including Kaffechos paid their lives to build today’s Ethiopia. Are you telling me to forgets them and burry their heroic deeds? No. They had played a lot to save the country from foreign invasions and passed to the current generation. In fact the young generation could not care about the past and not willing to learn how the forefathers United and put their differences aside and fought as bees from one hive to not let invaders take their freedom and their country.  About those days forefathers tell their children and grandchildren what Italians did to Ethiopia and how they fought at the battle of Adewa. The children and grandchildren grew up with that history in their mind and when the Italians came for the second time after 40 years preparation, the Ethiopians fought and chased away the enemy after 5 years. By the way those Italian soldiers also grew up being told how to colonize Ethiopia, the dream land of their forefathers till today.
I love my Ethiopia. I believe in unity. No question about that but I believe too the heroic deed of our forefathers and how they struggled to protect the freedom of their people and their land should be known by the younger generation. My identity, who am I, from where I come from should be known. People in America say first “I am American”, next “I am African-American, german American, Italian American and so on”. What is wrong in saying “I am Ethiopian”, then “I am a Kaffecho/Kaffechi”. What is wrong about that???

The story of the search about that sacred crown and the jewels looted from Kaffa Kingdom will continue in a separate article

 Fantaye Meko