Kaffa Kingdom Golden Triple Phallus Imperial Crown

According to the prophecy of the first Sovereignty of Kaffa, Minjo announced: That “the Kaffa Empire will remain free and strong, as long as the sacred Imperial Crown with the Golden Triple Phallus the sign of the courage, power and invulnerability, that remains in the country”. That, as long as they remained precious jewel of the Empire is in the position of the Kaffecho, no stranger will control the country, and no body will be subjugated by them. That was the main reasons Menelik and his nobles were invaded the Kingdom of Kaffa, abolished and demolished the Imperial Palace. Not only that after King Gaki was captured, the  Abyssinia king ordered all the jewel of Kaffa Kingdom including the sacred Golden Triple Crown to be looted and taken first to Addis Ababa, then migrated to Europe. (How and why the sacred crown migrated will be covered in a separate article).

So much so, do you Kaffechos of today are you aware of your history? Do you really care for your identity or just accept what you were fed by those who are trying to down grade your identity and tell you Kaffechos are nothing? For the past one hundred years that was what most of us knew about this great Empire and its subjects. Though few foreign historians boldly came forward to discover and reveal the hidden secrets of this great Empire, we the people of this land never cared to read and find out the truth and share the facts. Instead we accepted the label that had been tagged on us as “Kaffechos are nothing or have no impact” and some of us believed it. I grew up with this fake history and even noticed the same attitude on most Kaffechos I had the opportunity of contacting. Recently I met an old lady, 81 years by accident in California. We happen to attend an Orthodox Church Mass. After the mass, having tea, we discussed our where about in Ethiopia. She told me she is an Amhara. I proudly introduced myself that my father is a Kaffecho and my mother is partly Amhara and party Oromo. She paused for a moment then she questioned me if I knew people of Kaffechos origin and mentioned few names. I confirmed by saying I know all of them. She smiled and told me she too is a Kaffechi. I got mad but tried to control my anger since she is elder to me and asked her, but you told me you are an Amhara few minutes ago. You know what she told me” if I told you I am a Kaffechi, you may not take me, so now you told me your side, now I am comfortable to tell you who I am. To make the long story short, the psychological impact on each one of us had gone deep. Though deep inside we believe in our identity but to come forward and talk as being a Kaffecho we feel ashamed.  I had this experience not with the elders but young elites too.  Knowledge is power. We are living in the 21st century. Information is at the tip of our fingers. Let us do research and share to create awareness and appreciate and respect those who had shaded their blood and paid huge sacrifices. We are who we are today because of them. Let us honor our forefathers and pick up from where they had left. Educated and uneducated. No more nodding heads. There are lots of educated Kaffechos, be it doctors, engineers,   technology experts, economists, historians, musicians, teachers, professors, agronomist, to name a few but what are you guys doing? Life is short. Do contribute to minimize poverty and ignorance and help the farmer who paid tax for your education. It is not too late to wake up! Go home and see the living standard of your parents. Some of you have already forgotten how your parents struggled to feed you as well as themselves. But some of us spend money on a cup of coffee at Starbucks and blame others. When your one finger point on others, don’t forget three of your fingers point at yourself. As John F. Kennedy told to Americans “instead of asking what your country can do to you, ask yourselves what you can do to your country”. 

Fantaye Meko