Had Kaffa people ever tried to find out the whereabouts of the Two Precious signs of their identities?  Why is that The Kingdom of Shoa and the Nobles were uncomfortable up to today about the Kaffa King and his Crown?  The other questions we should ask is that why even today we are unable to come forward and ask about our rights and the rights of our fellow people who are living in extreme poverty while our natural resources are making others not millionaires but billionaires. Even if we prefer silence and node our heads, foreigners like Otto Beirber and his family and some others had shown interest and documented our history. While others show concern and travelled as far as Kaffa to write our history and make some research, we even don’t care to make further research based on their documentation. Some years back, while visiting Adiya, I saw a young Japanese girl going through the bamboo forest guided by a native Kafficho. I was astonished and asked myself why she is there? My guess was that may be the Dense bamboo forest were her attraction. Deep inside in my heart, I was not happy to see her there. May be I said time has come to these forests to be wiped out in the name of investment. I haven’t gone back to prove my guess. Recently I learnt she is an Anthropologist (I don’t know what it means) who was doing a research since 2004 and she stayed in Kaffa for 32 months. She even travelled to Austria and met the grandson of Beiber, who visited Kaffa in 2011. By the way, he has donated the work of his grandfather at the opening of the Coffee Musem at Bonga. Those of you who have acces can find out about the Japanese Anthropologist.  Thank God we  are living at the time of modern technology where  information is easily accessible.. We have to take advantage of that. Our forefathers had paid a heavy price to keep the Kingdom and our identities. Some of us even deny we are Kaffichos and prefer to be Amhara or some other tribe. Be who you are! Be proud to be born in that beautiful fertile land. Be proud to speak your own language.. Being born among two Kaffichos, in Bonga or in one of the 11 woredas of Kaffa, how come you pretend to be not a Kafficho and pretend don’t know  the language? It is a shame to deny your true identities and pretend to be someone else. Birth place is not a choice, it is a gift from God. You are lucky to be born from that land and community. Teach your children you history and be a voice for the voiceless. It is a blessing. When I say this, I really appreciate and admire, though very few, who are on the front line, like the Moderator of Kaffamedia, and the Kaffaforfreedom and other website sponsors. You are the true sons of Kaffa.

Do you know that the King and his crown lived in Exile. The crown had travelled as far as Switzerland and thanks to Emperor Haile Selassie, it had been back and was given to the Insttute of Ethiopian studies according to the Grandson of Otto Beirber. My question is why even  the Emperor preferred to keep it outside Kaffa. Why not give it back to the Kaffa Zone if it is still there? Can’t the people ask for it? We can keep it in the Coffee Museum for tourist attraction. We need it back if it ever exists. Many cultural properties of Kaffa have been looted during the war and some are warming European museums drawing income. Can we ask to bring them back home. All these issues should be the homework of the so called Kaffa elites.  A century is a long time.. We had over slept.  Sleeping beyond the limit is not healthy.  Our existence on earth is once. Let us wake up and open our eyes and look around. Remember the story of the turtle and the Rabit. Others are passing us and we are lagging behind. Look at our neighbors. We talk that Kaffa is the birth place of coffee, though others taking advantage of our innocence claim to disprove the origin, we had not done what we should have done. Our people are left behind and are not competitive in the world coffee market. Let us be smart. Being innocent, we had paid prices. We don’t have enough schools and have of our children are not going to school. No enough health centers, live alone hospitals. There is no single library in Bonga.
No clean drinking water and no electricity facilities. There are lots of questions that need our attention and be  answered. All of us have to play a part and share the burden. We are running out of time. We need to catch up not to be left behind. We are living in a competitive world. What are we waiting for. The psychological torture should be cleared out of our mind. Today is a new day. Better late than ever. The dense forest is not meant to hide us. We are talented and smart people.  Even the baboons and the apes have come out forward and today you see them in group on the newly constructed Jimma-Mizan asphalted road and tax travelers with pieces of bread. Our land is being grabbed, our forests are being destroyed and loosing their natural identities.  The Belete Chaka in Jimma is a good example. Our natural resources are being depleted and cultural properties looted. Our palace being completely destroyed and our gold crown been snatched from us and we have seen recently the grandson of Gaki Sherocho been decorated with a fake crown. It is a shame and an insult to Kaffa people to do that. Return our Gold original Crown back to us. It is our property and identity. No body else’s.

My journey will continue to find more information. You too do your part. If we unite, we can make Kaffa and the Kaffa Kingdom people come out of poverty. That should be be our mission. Be proud to be part of that beautiful land of Southwestern part of Ethiopia!! In particular and an Ethiopian in general.

The dreamer