The King’s was captured on 11 September 1897 marked the end to the long resistance of our heroes. The combined armies of Ras Wolde Giorgis, Ras Tesema and even Aba Jifar II invaded the Kingdom of Kaffa. The victory was not achieved by the combined armies themselves but with the support of few people who stood for their stomach and were spying and passing the information to the enemy secretly.  These selfish and irresponsible men, to satisfy their lust for power, pinpointed to the enemy the secrets of their homeland. They stood by the enemy’s side secretly and supporting the enemy.  The enemy took advantage.   The harm and the distraction the spies had made on people in general was immense. Had it not been for those traitor spies, the history would have been reversed and victory and freedom would have been in the hands of those Kaffa heroes who fought restlessly over 9 months. Here the question should be what the traitor spies gained from the downfall of the Kaffa Kingdom. The answer is being awaited. The 1897 war had two faces in history. Black listing the traitors and honored our heroes who paid their lives for the freedom of their people and homeland. History had documented both groups and it will reveal to the whole world and their grandchildren sooner or later by historians.  The people of Kaffa were killed, displaced and fled to different parts of Ethiopia and some even taken hostage and sold as slaves within the country and outside. Recently an African-American sister claimed that her great grand parents came to America from Kaffa.  She is a living witness of those evil deeds performed by those traitors.  The author of this article wants to stress that those evil spirited people are well known by the Kaffa people.  Though, these group of people are known by their communities, the majority preferred silence for a century.  These people are criminals.  Whatever they have done in the past should have be public. The whereabouts of the Last King of the Kaffa Kingdom should have been questioned.  How was our King treated after the capture by Menelik II?  What was Menelik question to the traitors on return of the King to Kaffa. What were the traitors answered to Menelik on this issue.  Menelik was a smart guy who exercised divide and rule strategy. Minilik invited representatives from 12 districts (Worafo) of kaffa to consult with them what would people of kaffa feel if he sends back the king to Kaffa. When the 12 representatives from those 12 “worafos” arrived to the Palace Minilik presented a simple question to the representatives and at the same time ordering Gaki Sherocho to hide behind the curtain during the discussion that he would hear what the representatives say about his return to Kaffa. The discussion went on as planned and most of the representatives expressed their opinion against the king’s return to his kindom Kaffa. From those representatives one representative from Shasha, Shasherano Adaw begged Minilik with great emotions and tears to grant the Kings return to his kingdom. Gaki heard all the conversation between Menelik and the betrayers. When the conversation was over, Menelik ordered Gaki to open the curtain and come forward and met his people. The heart of King Gaki Sherecho was broken. The secret of the spies revealed. After hearing the conversation of both sides, Menelik offered Gaki the choice to return to Kaffa but the heart broken King of Kaffa refused to go back to Kaffa and accepted the suffering to stay in Menelik’s palace until his death.  He died with a broken heart and buried in Shoa Debrelibanos monastery.  God only knows Menelik’s revengeful treatment to the people loving innocent King of Kaffa Kingdom. He even cursed the land and the people. Had he done wrong to his people, the curse couldn’t have happen. It is those few group of people, those who betrayed him and the people are responsible. They should ask publicly for a mercy of the people of Kaffa. Unfortunately there are people till to day try to cover the wrong doing of their parents and put the blame on the King. Why did he cursed Kaffa people, how did the curse came true? These questions we should ask ourselves and find a solution if we want Kaffa to progress. A century has gone by. No change??? Why? Let us unite to find out the solution. Why God did cursed Adam and Eve? Because of their deed. We humans are suffering because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. The curse came true. This is for those who don’t believe in curse and blessing. Why was Abraham and his children blessed? Because of Abraham’s good deeds. Had we known our own history, we would have questioned those concerned and have brought the remains of our King skeleton back home and built a palace to remember and acknolege him and his kingdom. Go to Gondar, you see a statute erected for Emperor Tewodros, Addis Ababa, Menelik II and The Lion of Judha (Haileselassie I). The people of Kaffa instead revealing these secrets, preferred silence. These group of people who sold the secret of their homeland should be made known to the young generation. It will also be a lesson for the coming generation not to repeat such a horrible humiliating history. The Kaffa people still to this days kept the same culture of silence. This culture should be shattered without any hesitation. When some evil deeds are done by someone, instead of revealing the truth they prefer to protect the wrong doers. This type of behavior will encourage to do wrong rather than refrain from wrong doing and encourage the wrong doer continue with it. That was what happened to those traitors who harmed the kingdom of Kaffa and its people.

Now we all need to take a deep breath and search for truth. We have seen the governments of Minilik, Hailesilassie, Derg and Woyane. During all these governments our people continue to suffer and left in a dark. These governments are not only to be blamed. We people of Kaffa are the one mainly to be blamed. We allowed these tyrannies to enslave us. We do not try to come together as united people to abolish the exploitation of our people. Our children who were born amongst us are the one who are guiding woyane and guided the previous government officials to grab our lands and properties. These our children are working day and night to destroy our country and culture as a puppets of woyane today. They enjoy dancing on the whistles of wayane. They lost their identity. Their identity is wagging their tails to their master wayane with the expectation that woyane will throw some leftover as a kickback. If a person enslaves itself with selfishness, cheap glory and greed, he or she is not a human being anymore, and it’s so sad to say that they lost their humanity. Thus, who are working with woyane and betraying their own people are not human beings, period.

The dreamer
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