Recently, I read an article posted on kaffamedia.com  “Are the people of Kaffa Ready”?  My observation is negative. I did a research  here and there to find a single person who comes forward to break the silence be it a humanitarian, historian,  agronomist, economist, musician, engineer, doctor  or even dentist to name a few.  I couldn’t find one front runner among the so called Elite. May be the dense forest of Kaffa had hidden them.  On the other hand, Kaffa land has produced lots of Dentists though the people of Kaffa never had dental problem. Almost all Kaffa people had very strong white healthy teeth, it surprises me how we have so many dentists not a single activist. If any one challenge the statement, come forward and make a bet.
Let me tell you Kaffa people my wish. I wished the late Scientist Engineer Kitaw Ejigu be born again today. Kaffa lost one of its ambitious hero. Had he be alive and succeeded, I can imagine the advancement of the country as a whole. Wished those days he fought for Kaffa would  have been today!!! His dreams would have come true.   Bygone is bygone. While he wrote history none of the Kaffa young generation followed his lead.  The land that produced him didn’t stop the production. It kept on producing. Many have been produced from Bonga but none like him. A born hero. What happened to the land? Why did it produced only one Kitaw and stopped from producing more of his type? Are they been taken by the dense forest of Kaffa? Some are physically out of Kaffa and reside in different parts of the world, physiologically and mentally are still residing in that dense and cloudy forest under the coffee tree.  Even the beautiful songs of the birds, the roaring sound of the lions and the far reaching voice  of the hyena and the irritating sound  of the apes and the baboons could not wake them up. Wake up guys before the hungry lion or hyena make you a prey.   Only few are struggling and most of them behind the curtain. You elite owe the land and the people. Most of you used the natural resources growing up and used the hard earned tax paid by your parents and peasant farmers to be who you are today. You owe them. Pay your due at least being a voice for the voiceless. You all know the situation of the people.
Together let us make a difference. The fundamental foundation for development comes from education and awareness.

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