Am glad to hear that our people are awake. I hope they come forward and defend their territory. The identity of the people should be protected. From what I observed the people are not aware what is going on… Kaffa is being abolished from the map and is annexed to others. No one is coming forward to defend. Everyone is running to rewrite a false history. “ባለቤት ካልጮኸ ጎረቤት አይረዳም”. What is more if the silence continues it implies acceptance. “ሰዶ ማሳደድ ብያምርህ ዶሮህን በቆቅ ለውጥ ይባላል”. Therefore the people have to break the silence and claim their rights. The young should come forward and be the voice. We have to learn from others. What surprises me is that we don’t have even one activist. Look at the Oromo and Amhara and others. Male and female are voicing for their people. Don’t we have even one who can come forward? I am really surprised.

The issue has been dwelling in me and burning me inside. As I say always, Kaffa is my concern. What is happening right now and the crime being committed at the back of the innocent Kaffa people makes me very concerned. In today’s generation language “ያማል“. They say “ያላወቁ አለቁ“. Enough is enough. So many crimes had been committed and are still being committed in the name of Kaffa People.
Why is that those Crimes being committed repeatedly? Kaffa people, especially the Elite and the young generation should ask themselves. Are they ignorant of their history and their identity? If they are ignorant of who they are, why they don’t do some research and know about themselves? If they know their history why did they preferred silence? We all need to be aware that the history being rewritten are distorted. By the time people come to realize the truth, all gone. The saying “
ሰነፍ እረኛ ከሩቅ ይመለሳል“. Let me bring one thing to elaborate this issue. Once upon a time a turtle and a rabbit bet and agreed to do a run. As we all know a rabbit is a fast runner while the turtle is the slowest. (ኤሊ እና ጥንቸል). As soon as the referee blew the whistle both started the competition. After few seconds the rabbit almost reached the destination. The rabbit looked back and saw the turtle way behind. The comfortable rabbit decided to rest and take a nap. Thinking to catch up as soon as the turtle approaches. That didn’t happen. The nap led to a deep sleep and the slow runner, the turtle crossed the line before the rabbit awake and got the medal. Too late to reverse the situation.
Jimma and the surrounding states like Limu, Agaro” to name a few had been part of the Kingdom of Kaffa.  Crimes were committed when Menelik and his Shoa nobles dismantled and annexed the Kingdom of Kaffa to Ethiopia, Jimma was taken over by Oromo. When this crime was committed the Kaffa people preferred silence, no one claimed to bring it back. Unfortunately, the truth never changed. During the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, Jimma was back as the Capital city of Kaffa. We thank him for that. Again Derge repeated the mistake of Menelik. Another unfortunate incident is that while the whole world knows that coffee belongs and originated from Kaffa, but some irresponsible individuals are distorting the fact and trying to rewrite a fake history to claim the ownership. The Oromos migrated to Jimma and chased away original inhabitants, the Kaffa people. They forced some to flee, converted some to Islam and even forced them to change their names and their identity to become Oromo. Those who resisted were killed.  Recently Kaffa Zone is abolished from the map of Ethiopia and was annexed to Oromia. Does the Kaffa people know about this mischievous deeds? Are they consulted and given a chance to choose to be part of Oromia?  Whoever prepared the map should be tried.  Kaffa had been a sovereign State for centuries. No one has the right to decide on Kaffa sovereignty except the Kaffa people themselves. This is a serious crime and these questions need be answered. Whoever is committing such acts against innocent people and on a sovereign State should be questioned and pay for their mischievous deeds they had committed.

 By W/O Asteway